Never lose any opportunity again.

Manage your leads and web requests effectively.

Get real-time actionable insight on your lead generation process
Track the success of your marketing campaign and channels
Enjoy simple yet powerful user interface to get your job done
Use mobile capture and mobile forms to support your field agents
Get notified when something important happens and your action is required
Manage your leads anywhere with our SMS and mobile access
Distribute all the leads effectively to your teams using our flexible rules
Create and publish smart web capture forms to gather all the leads and requests
Connect all your leads and agents into one single platform

How it works?

Unified Capture

We capture all the requests and leads regardless where they are coming from: Email, Web, Sales Reps or Call Center Agents.

Smart Routing

Our flexible lead distribution logic ensures that the right people get the right lead into their Inbox based on: what product, what location, when, which channel, what type of customer.

Complete Control

We make sure that all the leads and requests are handled, no opportunity gets missed thanks to: Activity control, Alerts and notification, Automated reassignments.

Immediate Insight

Lead progress tracking, Team – Sales – Product – Channel performance, Marketing intelligence.

Easy management

Product management
Team management
Lead management