Digital Handwritten Signature

Together with our partner Contrisys  we have sucessfully develop secured handwritten digital signature solution that is fully integrated with Saperion ECM Suite. The eSigning solution is based on proven German technology from the Signotec company. SignoSign allows you to create and sign PDF-documents using  Sign-Pads, a Windows Tablet-PC, Android Phones, iPhones or iPads. The signatures can then be incorporated into your electronic workflow simply and easily. Stop printing paper “just” for the signature. It will help to lower your costs, speed up your processing-time and provide a secure signature.



Key features:

  • Tab layout for displaying multiple documents
  • Automatic archiving
  • Biometric data is stored within the document
  • Automatic and dynamic signature positioning
  • Automatic email forwarding of documents
  • Automatic printing Printing to user-defined printers or standard MS Windows printers
  • Checking for mandatory and optional signatures
  • Signature fields can be clicked for signing
  • Check that all mandatory signature fields are signed
  • HTML 5 compliant solution
  • Supporting electronic certificates

Watch this product video for more information.


Digital Handwritten eSigning Solution from Signotec