PALAXO is the company behind Circularo – the platform that delivers great paperless experience with real business impact.

Our Mission

We build great software to make paperwork easier as we believe that digital life should be painless, less frustrating so everyone could spend more time on doing great things.

We see paperwork as highly important means of communication not as a burden. Our goal is to unleash the true potential of paperless initiatives in all different domains of human endeavour. And this is how we design and build our product and services so everyone could benefit from better digital experience.

Our Platform

Circularo is our digital transformation platform for building paperless solutions and online services for modern digital world, delivering great user experience with real business impact.

Our Story

We have started our journey back in 2013 with Czech based R&D team and MENA sales and delivery organization based in Dubai. Since then our Circularo platform has been recognized several times for its innovative approach to digital transformation be it for mobile e-Correspondence, web scanning or eSigning based paperless office solutions.

Nowadays many different Circularo powered solutions and services are used by our clients in Europe and in the Middle East. And while our mission remains the same we are trying to expand our presence further and to build new exciting online services that everybody will enjoy.