Transform your business experience!

Circularo is our secure, extensible and easy to use digital transformation platform
for delivering great paperless solutions with real business impact. It has been designed
from the ground up to be scalable, easy to deploy and easy to integrate into
any existing ICT environments either on-site or in the cloud.





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Secure Archiving and MetaData Management

Upload, archive, search and easily manage any external files with all the security, workflow, preview, search, analytics and other capabilities you might ever need, including custom metadata management.

Search, eDiscovery and Compliance

Find any electronic records or digital assets based on custom defined metadata sets, ad-hoc tags or using advanced fulltext search capabilities. Define your own eDiscovery and compliance rules using build-in search functionality.

eCorrespondence and Document Composition

Web based template driven letter composition based on predefined rules and workflows.

Sharing and Collaboration

Providing easy file, form and document sharing: Share to sign, Share to view, Share to edit etc. Collecting and processing feedback and data captured from external users.

Case Management and e-Forms

Web based template driven eForm management, with advanced search & analytics and built-in workflow capabilities. Easy management of request management workflow.

Document Collection and Request Management

Mobile friendly document collection in the field. Efficient client request management solutions easily integrated into existing web sites.

Digitization and Scanning

Easy to use web scanning including OCR, searching, preview and archiving capabilities with extended and flexible metadata management and XMP support.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks that are automatically linked to any records. Attached related documents, scans or any other files.Track the progress and get clear insight and visibility.

We implement high security standards
and industry best practices to ensure your data
is always protected.

Circularo Security Shield

Circularo Unified Security comprises of a combination of capabilities
from advanced user authentication and authorization with detail rights management
to strong encryption techniques including electronic certificates.